RD Armstrong

RD Armstrong, aka Raindog, began his most recent incarnation as a poet in the early 1990s. He has eighteen chapbooks and eight books to his name and has been published in over 300 poetry magazines, anthologies, blogs, and e-zines. He operates the Lummox Press which published the Lummox Journal for eleven years; and currently publishes the Little Red Book series and the new RESPECT series of perfect-bound collections of poetry. Since 1995, Raindog has labored to serve the world of small press poetry and continues to do so to this day. His website is lummoxpress.com


John Brantingham

John Brantingham is a fiction editor of Chiron Review and his work has appeared in over a hundred publications in America and the UK, including Garrison Keillor's Writer's Almanac, Pearl Magazine, Tears in the Fence, The Journal, and The Blotter. He lives just outside of Los Angeles with his wife Ann and teaches English at Mt. San Antonio College.


Philip Daughtry

Gary Snyder called Philip Daughtry "a raven of transatlantic magic, a writer of quick craft and sure language." Robert Bly proclaims, "Since years ago, when I first heard Philip Daughtry's poems, I've loved them.”  Bobi Jones lauded Celtic Blood as "throbbing with specific concreteness, realized experience, and critical intelligence."  Daughtry's work has appeared in over fifty literary magazines and anthologies. He has three published books of poetry (Kid Nigredo, The Stray Moon, Celtic Blood) and a book of short stories: The Centaur's Son (Mercury House Press.)

Philip, who admits to speaking "Cognac French, Tequila Spanish, and Brown Ale Geordie"... was born in Hexham, Northumberland and immigrated to the U.S. at thirteen. He has worked ranches between Washington State and Belize, been a waiter, professor, construction worker, screen writer, and house painter. He currently lives in Topanga with his wife, Rita.

Tequilas Tale's selection, "Naked Existential Woman", is the lead in a novel portraying time travel episodes of a reincarnated outlaw seeking to escape his continuous re-emergence as the same man.


J. Grass

Pole-vaulter, gourmet cook, and writer of children’s books, J. Grass transcended a love of people for a love of tequila. At the moment, it seems to have been a good choice.


Mary Ann Heimann

Mary Ann Heimann lives, writes, and plays music in Long Beach, California. Her band, Shake and the Chantoosies, plays a mix of swing, blues, jazz, contemporary, and original music ~which she supports on bass. Her writing includes long and short fiction, poetry and songs.

She would like to include her concern for global warming.


Millie Johanna Heur

A long time friend of the local Long Beach California writers’ posse, Millie Johanna Heur was a co-editor of A.K.A. Magazine, a “little magazine” which published poetry and prose by writers such as Billy Collins, Charles Bukowski, and Gerald Locklin. She served as the co-director of a poetry reading series at various art venues in the Los Angeles area. As a development associate for the Legal Aid Foundation of Los Angeles, Millie’s current connection to writing has been through the composition of articles for the organization’s newsletter and fundraising appeals. Tequila Tales is her first venture back into editing and publishing.


Gary Keith

Gary Keith enjoys long walks on the beach and snuggling by the fire, these are some of his favorite th..., oops, wrong bio. Uh, he enjoys staying inside and cozying up to a warm idea.

   Keith graduated from Claremont Graduate University with an MFA in Painting. While continuing his pursuit of art, he         has added writing poetry to his list of cozy           endeavors.

He divides his time between the Los Angeles sprawl and California's central coast.


Ken Kuhlken

Ken Kuhlken’s stories have appeared in Esquire and dozens of other magazines and anthologies, been honorably mentioned in Best American Short Stories, and earned a National Endowment for the Arts Fellowship. He has been a frequent contributor and a columnist for the San Diego Reader.

His novels are Midheaven, a finalist for the Ernest Hemingway Award for best first novel; The Loud Adios (Private Eye Writers of America Best First Mystery Novel, 1989); The Venus Deal; The Angel Gang; The Do-Re-Mi (a finalist for the Shamus Award for Best PI Novel); The Vagabond Virgins; and, The Biggest Liar in Los Angeles.

He resides on the web at kenkuhlken.net and teaches creative writing at Perelandra College.


Gerald Locklin

Gerald Locklin is Professor Emeritus of English at Cal State, Long Beach, where he still teaches a class on occasion.  His most recent books include New and Selected Poems and, forthcoming this fall, New and Selected Prose both from World Parade Books; The Dodger's Retirement Party: A Novella, from Aortic Press; Modest AspirationsNew Poems by him and New Stories by Beth Wilson, from Lummox Press; and, about his work, Gerald Locklin: A Critical Introduction, edited by Michael Basinski, from BlazeVOX Books. geraldlocklin.com is his website with an easy link to his Fan Facebook page.


P. T. Mc Niff

P.T. McNiff recently received his Master of Professional Writing degree in fiction from the University of Southern California.  He has previously published both fiction and non-fiction in Chiron Review, Rivet Magazine, and Pipe-Up!, and has served as Editor-in-Chief for the Southern California Review.  Born and raised outside Boston, he lived in Philadelphia and New York City before switching up coasts and relocating to Los Angeles.  While driving cross-country for this move, he ran into an awkwardly aggressive couple in an Ohio motel parking lot; in retrospect, he’s very glad he had such an uncomfortable conversation with them.


Thomas Moore

Born on the last day of 1954, Tom Moore grew up in the South Bay beach communities of Torrance/Redondo Beach and Hermosa Beach in the 1960s. Raised with three brothers by a single mom, Tom’s earliest interests consisted of sports, comic books, television, and the beach culture of Southern California.

By the time the 70s arrived life was largely about dope, music and movies. And ennui. And personal expression. An avid reader of fiction, Tom worked his way through the big authors, which would lead to a real passion for literary fiction.  He also met Susi, his wife of 32 years.

After twelve years of meandering through college, Tom finally graduated in the mid-80s and entered the architecture profession. This would pay the bills. With a love for story-telling, he continues to write and work to find his voice.


Mike Munoz

My first epiphany was driving a 1968 gold Chevrolet Biscayne station wagon to high school with my brother and sister. B.B. King was on the shitty little car radio. The "Thrill Is Gone" at 16 years of age. Never heard nothing like it before. Pure divinity. That's how it was! I wrote poetry during and after my first love affair at 17.


It was the poetry of dead flowers, blood and vengeance. It was to be my compass as I sailed through life. Unfortunately, the wind doesn’t give a crap about magnetic north.  Lately my poems have been drunken, windmill punches at imaginary specters that never connect. But at least I keep them off my sorry ass. Keep swinging. Viva tequila!!!


Gary Phillips

Gary Phillips writes tales of chicanery, mischief, and more in various formats.  His latest includes Bicycle Cop Dave a webcomic on fourstory.org; editor and contributor to the bestselling Orange County Noir from Akashic; and The Underbelly, a mystery novella about a semi-homeless Vietnam vet’s search for a disabled friend who has disappeared from L.A.’s Skid Row ~for PM Press.


Tim (TJ) Raab

In the last seven years, Tim Raab has written three science fiction novels, one book of memoirs concerning failures in the aerospace industry, and a dozen essays. Previously, he wrote numerous technical articles and reports in a thirty-year aerospace career. His earliest writing for public consumption was a one-page newsletter for his seventh grade class in his hometown of Dayton, Ohio.


Roy Anthony Shabla

Roy Anthony Shabla is a poet and painter living in the Los Angeles area, working in various media. His books include eating God (ecstatic poetry); (PEACE) WORDS (renegade memoir); Child Harold at the Zoo (quirky vignettes); and Feng Shui Every Day (architectural self-help). His current projects include Libretti Lumi, a book of poetry for two operas; keys, a chapbook of poetry and prose on the resonant image of keys; and, Soul O, a chapbook of deconstructivist/be bop poetry in Chinese, as well as several collaborations in art and literature. His website is: RoyAnthonyShabla.com

Roy Anthony Shabla is a scotch drinker turned tequila drinker… turned scotch drinker… turned tequila drinker…

His collaboration with Millie on Tequila Tales is, hopefully, the first of many.


David R. Youel

David R. Youel moved to Los Angeles from Seattle in the Summer of 1996.  He works as a gaffer (Chief Lighting Technician) for television and film.  He is an awarded photographer and competitive formation skydiver. Cooking and gardening are among his passions; endeavors he has said remind him that one is "always making lemonade from lemons". He still lives in Los Angeles, Mar Vista.