Artwork for Tequila Tales (book and merchandise): Gary Keith

Art for website: Gregg Paumen, Tinicum Designs

Book and Website Design: Roy Anthony Shabla, galleRoy

Art Preparation: Nader Ghassemlou, Objekt Studio

Kevin Yoshikawa, Yoshikawa Design Studio

Art / Design Editors: Heur and Shabla

Website Construction: Gregg Paumen, Tinicum Designs

The primary artworks for the book, Tequila Tales, are naive papercuts in the style of Matisse. They capture the beatific light, the drunken ecstasy, and the downward spiral of those caught between the lime and the worm. They are a perfect compliment to the stories and a great addition to the book.

The front cover of the book is a faux-vintage photograph by Gary Keith, collaging the ideas of writing and drinking into an iconic symbol for the Tequila Tales. The concept was original to Gary Keith.